Safety and quality > cost

At Jonathan Drew Electrical we are proud to work in the electrical industry and take our role within it very seriously. Our aim is to ensure that every installation that we carry out meets the current industry standards and is ultimately safe for the end user. Which you would think is the same goal for all trades people. However, there are many companies and individuals out there who are so focused on a profit that they are happy to sign works off that do not meet the current safety standards, turn a blind eye or cut corners. ‘What could go wrong eh?!’. Electricians have a responsibility to think about the safety of people, livestock, equipment and property. When things go wrong in an electrical system it can lead to fires, damage, deaths and prison time.

‘The sockets work, so it must be fine, right?’. ‘The last electrician said it was fine’

We hear this all too often and unfortunately, it’s just not that simple. Electrics are dangerous and account for numerous deaths, injuries and fires every year. It is our responsibility as trained and qualified electricians to make sure that our work and any existing installation that we work on is safe. If we walk away having signed off work that is unsafe or wrong the blame lies with us should the worst happen. This is why we simply will not cut corners.

A blasé attitude towards electrics is not welcome at Jonathan Drew Electrical. It can be disheartening for our engineers to visit a potential job and see that the existing electrical system has been neglected for years. This means that what should have been a simple job often turns into a larger job just to make the part of the system we need to work on safe. Especially when someone will always cut corners and offer a cheaper quotation. The average lifespan of an electrical system is 25 years. Imagine how many times you would paint your bedroom walls over a 25-year period because they are looking a bit tired. Electrical maintenance is a must, both domestically and commercially and should not be seen as a grudge spend.

The Electricity At Work Act 1984 states the following.

Regulation 4 Systems, work activities and protective equipment

(1) All systems shall at all times be of such construction as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, danger.

(2) As may be necessary to prevent danger, all systems shall be maintained so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, such danger.

(3) Every work activity, including operation, use and maintenance of a system and work near a system, shall be carried out in such a manner as not to give rise, so far as is reasonably practicable, to danger.

(4) Any equipment provided under these Regulations for the purpose of protecting persons at work on or near electrical equipment shall be suitable for the use for which it is provided, be maintained in a condition suitable for that use, and be properly used.

BS7671 is a 560 page publication produced by the Institution of Engineering and Technology(IET) which details the standards that all electrical systems must meet in Britain, essentially this is the rule book that electricians must follow. By meeting the requirements detailed in this publication, installations both new and old are deemed safe and fit for purpose for continued use. All of our engineers are trained to the current industry standard and work to it at all times. With absolutely no exceptions.

If you receive a quote from Jonathan Drew Electrical you can be sure that you are getting a properly designed system, installed to the current standards, enough time taken to allow the job to be completely correct, quality products, an installation certificate to say that it meets the current standards and most importantly a relationship with a company that you can trust and rely on.