Switching Installation

Are you a property manager or residents association director who looks after a block with high energy bills? Take a look at how having the right switching method can help cut your consumption dramatically!

JDE were asked to identify why the fluorescent lighting installation in this residential car park in Bexhill-on-sea was permanently on. Having a large amount of non LED lighting switched on 24/7, is going to use a serious amount of electricity which ultimately is coming out of all the residents pockets. Carry on reading to see how much you are spending!

There is a very simple way to calculate your energy consumption. Imagine the scenario, we have 30 x 5ft fluorescent light fittings buring all day long and each fitting consumes 58w. What this means is that every single light fitting will consumer 58w per hour.

30 fittings x 58w = 1.74Kw per hour (KwH)

From here we can turn this KwH total into a pounds and pence figure. On average the standard domestic electricity tariff is 15p per Kw, give or take.

15p x 1.74KwH = 26p per hour

26p x 24 hours = £6.24 per day

£6.24 x 7 days = £43.84 per week

£43.84 x 4 weeks = £175.39 per month

£175.39 x 12 month = £2,104.70 per year!

Wow, thats alot of money!

JDE installed 3 x PIR sensors into the car park. One at either end and one at the enterance allowing for full coverage for any route through the car park. This is a very simple addition to most installations and will ultimately pay for itself countless times. Whilst on site we were also tasked with swapping 3 x '2D' fittings for new LED fittings to illiminate a stairwell leading into the car park which had previousy been left dark. Ultimately we have a very satisfied residents director.

Further improvements and savings can be made by making the switch to LED for the car park. Not only will this use less electricity, it will also reduce maintanance requirements and acossiated costs.